Creating a Balanced Life

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MichellePeople ask me all the time, “How do I get a good balance of daily work, functional exercise and healthy food in my busy life”

My answer is “Have a chat with Michelle Owen” There are loads of wellness newsletter downloads available from her website.

Michelle’s specialities include helping clients recover from long-term pain and discomfort, stabilizing and strengthening their bodies through skilled exercise, and making them fit and functional for life and leisure.

I met Michelle in the mid-2000’s and as a chef focused on good local, seasonal fresh foods I have gained a huge amount of inspiration from working with Michelle. Based in Auckland, New Zealand Michelle runs a well appointed functional training and holistic wellness centre. She is also well known as a keynote speaker presenting motivational
seminars helping people to get healthy balance into their lives.

I spent years working in extreme sports and over that time suffered many serious injuries. As a coach and mentor in corrective and functional training Michelle showed me how to train smarter and this relieved all the pain that I had been in for years. I am still pain free.

Many things lead people to her, from long-term posture problems, to sports injuries, surgery and accidents. Her expertise ranges from injury rehabilitation to high performance exercise and anything in between.


Michelle is on the committee of the National Speakers Association. She presents Wellness seminars to corporate bodies, conferences and groups on Holistic health and wellness energy, posture, core stability, pain free bodies for the long term.

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