Appetite For Destruction by Gareth Morgan & Geoff Simmons

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 Cover-mainI recommend “Appetite For Destruction”, Gareth Morgan & Geoff Simmons. This great insight into eating habits and its effect on health while written in New Zealand is suitable for anyone in the world to read.

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We Kiwis are literally eating ourselves to death. In the move from cooking to convenience food we have given up control of what we eat. As a result our food is heavy on sugar, fat and salt, and light on the nutrients our body needs. This is causing a hidden health crisis that will swamp our hospitals just when the baby boomers want their hip operations.

Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons latest book cuts straight to the bone of what ails us, and what we can really do about it.

As a Chef that spends a lot of time working to encourage and teach people the benefits of getting back to the basics and eating real food, I am pleased with the release of Gareth Morgan’s new book, “Appetite For Destruction”

The issues that Gareth and Geoff tackle in this book are complex due to a “public perception” which is or has been generated by the mass advertising from companies hawking their products on the “our products are healthy” platform. 

“Appetite For Destruction” takes you through a step by step look at so many mis-conceptions that are or have been presented and talks about why they are wrong. It is a fresh look at our poor eating habits written in plain, non-technical way spelling out what I believe are the true facts.

“Appetite For Destruction” offers a well presented look at the way people think about food and also in my view, has a balanced and logical dialogue of why we as a society, need to get back to local seasonal fresh, “real foods”.

Purchase your hard copy or eBook by clicking here

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